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Women want men that are already taken by other women. So what are you to do? Walk around telling people that you have a girlfriend? Maybe wear a wedding ring to hint that you are married? No. That just makes you look like a sleazebag to most women, specifically the ones that aren’t absolute whores that don’t care whether a guy has a wife or not. But how are you to be taken without actually being in a relationship and looking like a sketchy sleazebag?


There are multiple answers to that question. I’m going to assume that all of you are familiar with my current situation, and if you aren’t, then know that I have a girl I’m “talking” to, but isn’t officially my girlfriend. I let every girl that I try to pick up know this. She can’t say that I’m cheating, because I’m not, as the girl isn’t my girlfriend. However, it indicates to her that I’m about to be taken, and it sets up a chase right from the start. Will she outbeat the girl I’m about to be in a relationship with?


The other thing that I do, is mention a crazy ex-girlfriend that I had. What this does, is communicate to her that I do leave women, and am not the supplicating type to put up with any woman’s bullshit. A guy that leaves a girl is a guy that has alpha male written all over him. And when you leave said girl because she did something “crazy”, you cover yourself from being labeled as a player type that just uses women and leaves them once he is finished with them.


I also have no problem mentioning my ex-wife. When a woman knows that you’ve been married before, it lets her know that another woman wanted you bad enough to marry you. And when I explain that my ex-wife and I have no bad blood towards each other, it indicates to her that not only have I been chosen by another woman, but she cares about me so much that she did not attempt to screw me over. Pre-selection at it’s finest.


And finally, the other thing that I do, is I socialize with multiple women in front of girl’s face. If I pull out my phone with other women in front of her, then I just come off as a player. However, if I’m just going around conversing with multiple women, then I just look like a social guy that other women want to be around, thus making her want me even more.


In my last post about STD's, I said that I don't go down on new women because I don't want to risk getting any fucked up bumps around my mouth. Now, there is even more of a reason as to why you shouldn't go down on random women whose sexual history you aren't familiar with (Info found over at Roosh V):

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